Friday, January 21, 2011

Fanart Friday: Legend of Zelda Tryptic

After last week's joke panel I thought I'd give Zelda a more serious take.


JAKE said...


Morgan said...

Brant! this is pretty!
I love the green, red, blue, and the triangle triptych scheme. gorgeous.
I don't like that Link looks like a smurf with white-man skin. Or maybe a treasure troll. He does, however, remind me of this: which is an absolute nostalgia classic.
Gannon looks freaking amazing. I love that you chose to de-emphasize the swords, which is unlike the usual fan image indulgence.
I need to do a zelda fanarts.

Rem-Brant said...

Thanks guys!

I've always thought of Link as more of a "smurf-troll"; none of this bishonen nonsense from the later games. And as for swords, the games were more about the toolbox than the fencing anyway.

You SHOULD do a zelda fanart, Morgan.