Sunday, June 06, 2010

Back to Basics / Zoo Sketching

In the last few months I've received some amazing feedback from some amazing artists, which both inspires me and depressingly reminds me of how far I have to go. My friend Heather Dixon coined the rather accurate term of "art depression" (feeling simultaneously inspired and depressed upon viewing a great designer's work).

So it's fundamentals time! Putting the weekends to good use with some tigers and people. I'll be posting several sketches over the next week or two.


Jake Wyatt said...

You DO always know the right thing to say. I agree. And those tigers are sexy.

Ron Jensen said...

Nice sketches. I know what you mean. And from every artist I've ever talked to, it never goes away. Good thing we have the zoo though, it always makes me feel better.

Brian Taylor said...

Amazing art man. Your gesture abilities make me jealous. Maybe someday I too can be as amazing as Brant. Guess I'd better take more zoo trips!

Rem-Brant said...

Jake, Despite all the terrible links the spam likely contains, you've made it relevant. Curse you! ;)

Thanks for the kudos, bros!